How to Get Your School-Age Children Involved in Your Real Estate Business

Are you a mommy real estate agent with kids in school? You already know how to maximize your real estate business work while the kids are out of the house. With all those hours to yourself, getting the nitty-gritty business stuff done is a cinch! After you get them off to school in the morning, you should have plenty of time to network with others in the business, make phone calls, develop your next marketing campaign and get all your office work done.But what about when the kids are not in school? What about the holidays and in-service days? What about weekends and the after-school time when homework is done? Have you thought about making your real estate business a family affair? Your kids can be your own real estate assistants, helping you grow your real estate business and learning valuable lessons about life, teamwork and business.As long as your child isn’t doing anything that your state deems work that should be done by a licensed real estate assistant, the sky’s the limit as to what your son or daughter can help with. That teenager who’s a whiz on the computer can help you develop your website. Your little artist can design your marketing materials. Kids can really be a help…and if you pay them a few bucks, there’s even more motivation to help Mom make her real estate business the best!Just think of all the ways they can help you:— Scan documents— Make photocopies— Fold letters, brochures, etc.— Stuff and stamp envelopes— Clean the car prior to a buyer appointment— Take pictures of properties— Develop marketing materials— Filing paperwork— Co-hosting Open HousesThere are many ways in which you can make your real estate business a lesson in teamwork. You get help to grow as a Mommy real estate agent and your children can feel like a part of your real estate business. It’s a win-win situation for kids and Mom!